Mark Solis

Currently attending Northwest Vista for an
Associates in Game Development focus
on Programming.
Secretary for the IGDA SA.
I like to implement FX and add extra juice to projects.
I have been programming for mobile platforms,
but before that, since 8th grade;
First started in ActionScript 2.0 with a pac-man clone.

Jonai Alvarez

Bonafide Computer Geek.

Recently Graduated from
Rackspace Open Cloud Academy
Linux Track with my RHCSA.
Started programming in BASIC as a kid.
Graduated to Actionscript, then, C#.

I love sharing my passion for computers!

Today; You,
can make games,
using 100% free software.

Your Imagination.

  • Potential

    1. Dream it!
    2. Make a model, mapping how your dream works.
    3. Design & Implement the model of your dream in Unity.
  • Limitation

    • Knowledge - How can you model the dream?
    • Scale - Do you have the time to make the dream?
    • Engineering - Can you model the dream effectively?
    • Computing Power - Do you have enough system resources?


Here you will find an application list,
open source, or free, that allows you
to spend less time paying for
software, and more time
working on your

This should not be considered
a complete list, so always
be on the lookout for
cool, new apps.

Email us when you find one!

Function Name Function Link
Development Unity3D Democratized Game Engine Unity 3D
Documents Open / Libre Office Docs, Sheets, Slides! openoffice.com
Documents / Project Management Google Drive Storage / Collaboration Tool / Folders / Version Controlled Docs, Sheets, Slides - On the Cloud! openoffice.com
Google Drive
Project Management Git / BitBucket Repository / Collaboration Tool / Version Control System github.com
Repository Management SourceTree Management Repository with a GUI sourcetreeapp.com
Project Management Trello Collaborative Lists on the Cloud! trello.com
Images Gimp Open Source Raster Image Editor gimp.org
Images Inkscape Open Source Vector Image Editor inkscape.org
3D Modeling Blender Open Source 3D Model Creator blender.org/
Audio Audacity Open Source Audo Editor audacityteam.org
Audio SFXR Open Source Sound Effect Generator
By : Dr Petter
SFXR homepage
Website / Marketing Wordpress Easily create and manage a website / blog for free. wordpress.com
Website / Marketing Facebook Social. Need I say more? facebook.com
Marketing doPresskit() Presskit template dopresskit.com


Game Developers

Largest non-profit membership organization in the world serving all individuals who create games.

To advance the careers,
and enhance the lives of
game developers by connecting
members with their peers,
promoting professional
development, and advocating
on issues that affect the
developer community.


A Community Driven Organization bringing San Antonio Devs togther.

We have also formed the S.A. chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

To provide a space to bring like
minded people together, fostering
San Antonio's Game Designer
community's growth.

Meetup / Events

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  • Game Nights
  • 2nd Sunday : Excuse To Create.
  • 3rd Thursday : Social Hour.


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